Braid Chart

I have a methodology for hairstyling. The Braider Creator and Build-a-Braid page are two representations of my methodology for hairstyling. This chart is a third representation of that methodology. This chart is a flawed representation. Because this chart only has room for two categories, half of my hairstyling method is missing. I have this chart on my website because it has an uncanny ability to help people understand my thought process in a way the Braider Creator and Build-a-Braid page don’t. In the way multiplication charts are easy to understand, this chart is easy to understand. To create fun new braided hairstyles simply apply a number-of-strand to braid with from the top row with a shape/form from the side row. Hopefully, by studying this chart you will be better able to understand the Braider Creator. And I am sorry I have not completed the chart (filled in all the photos). It is a lot of photos to take. Some day it will be full, but then, I will want to add more shape/forms and number-of-strands.newest Chart